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Virtual Music Classes

October 2020 Courses... Coming Soon!

These courses are available for any/all students (not just currently enrolled "Play Out Loud" students). Courses will be offered via ZOOM. 

We can't wait to connect with you!


Fundamentals of Rhythm & Groove

Teacher: Tim Doherty

This class is perfect for students who want to brush up on their understanding of rhythm, regardless of musical style.  Our goal is for all students to read and play rhythms with more confidence, stay in time, practice effectively to a metronome, and play with other musicians.  Rhythm & Groove are two of the fundamental elements that make music enjoyable and irresistible for musicians and non-musicians alike, so developing these skills is tremendously worthwhile!


Each day of class will consist of different musical examples from funk to classical to contemporary jazz.  The teacher will help the students dissect and analyze the rhythms in the piece so they can understand how that music is created.  


Subjects covered will include:

Kick & Snare (1&3, 2&4)

Swing/Straight Feel

Odd Time Signatures

Listening for the Bass

Pop Songwriting

Teacher: Jillian Jensen

Have you ever wanted to write a song but didn’t know how to start?  Or maybe you had the first line or two but then you hit a wall... we’ve all been there!!  Writing music is something that has brought incredible joy and meaning to all of our teacher’s lives, and we want to share that with our students.


The Pop aesthetic can change drastically overtime, but the core principles are the same.  In pop songwriting, we want our students to learn how to write a hook, a verse, a chorus, and explore the multitude of ways to “produce” their music (see intro to music production!).  From the Jackson 5 to Bruno Mars to Lady Gaga, there’s a multitude of unique pop artists to draw inspiration from.


Students will collaborate with their instructor in writing their own songs.  Our goal is to strip some of the mystery away from the songwriting process so that students can write  songs on their own.


Country Songwriting

Teacher: Jillian Jensen

In Country Songwriting, students will learn how to write their own songs in the tradition of American roots music, drawing influence from artists ranging from Johnny Cash to Dixie Chicks to Taylor Swift (you know, her country phase).  This class is open to singers and instrumentalists, but we ask that you come prepared to try something new, whether that’s singing, writing lyrics, or playing an instrument.

Students will collaborate with their instructor in writing their own songs.  Our goal is to strip some of the mystery away from the songwriting process so that students can write songs on their own.

Into to Beat-Making & Music Production

Teacher: Lucas DeLisle

So much of the music we listen to today is made on the computer.  With modern recording technology, making music at home has never been more accessible.  Did you know Billie Eilish’s Grammy winning album was recorded in her brother’s bedroom? While we have access to amazing music technology, it’s never been more important to know how to use it for yourself and to produce your own music.

In this class, students will learn the basics of music production using Garageband. What are Loops, FX, Virtual Instruments?  How did the artist get ‘that sound’ on their song?  These are questions we intend to answer and explore!

*This class is intended for students ages 12 and up.  Younger students may be accepted upon their teacher's/parent's recommendation.

*Students are required to have GarageBand on their laptop or ipad, and are expected to have intermediate computer skills.

Subjects covered in this class will include:

Intro to GarageBand
Making Drum Beats
Exploring FX
Being your own band

Advanced Subjects:
Recording your voice

Intro to Music Theory & Harmony

Teacher: Bradley Goff

This is the perfect class for students who want to deepen their understanding of how music works.  Music theory is the science of music; developing your understanding of it will make learning songs easier, more intuitive, and more fun.  It’s also a great place to start if you’re interested in composing your own music!


Subjects covered in this class will include:

The Circle of Fifths (and why you should care)

Chord Progressions 

Why All Pop Songs Sound The Same

Jazz Chords

Scales and Modes



1 Course = $305

2 Courses = $572 ($38 savings)

3 Courses = $805 ($65 Savings)

4 Courses or more... please inquire with us for pricing

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