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Whether it's acoustic or electric, country or rock, pop or heavy metal, guitar might be the instrument for you.






If you like to lay back and feel the groove, maybe you're a bassist.  This versatile instrument is essential in any genre.

From the classical greats to the masters of jazz, the piano has proven itself timeless.  A fun and enjoyable instrument for all ages. 

Perhaps no other instrument is as expressive as the human voice.  A great singer is built on the foundation of great technique.

Discover how much modern music is made using computers.  Learn to record yourself, add effects, make beats, and produce your own music on your laptop or iPad.

Play Out Loud is a fun and friendly music instruction service provided online or in the comfort of your own home.  Whether your child is just starting their musical journey or you're continuing your own, Play Out Loud offers personalized private lessons to suit each student's needs.


Play Out Loud offers private lessons for piano, keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, beat-making, voice, music theory, and so much more - to students ages six and up.  Each lesson can be tailored to suit the students' and parents' interests and goals.  Our goal is for students to develop their own musical identities, and for them to build a relationship with music that is personal, exciting, and fun - now and for the rest of their lives.  While we embrace popular and current music, all of our lessons incorporate note-reading, ear-training, and developing an understanding of chords and scales, all of which are applicable to any genre of music.  It is through this holistic approach that our students are able to develop a complete understanding of music that goes beyond reading the notes on the page; it grants them the skills to create music of their own, to play with friends and family, and to adapt to various musical settings.  There is such an incredible variety of music to be experienced - from classic rock to pop to jazz to classical; a thorough understanding of music fundamentals allows students to play and enjoy every one of them, and that is an experience we want all of our students to have.

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It's all about rhythm, dude.  Drums are the oldest instrument and the backbone to numerous musical styles.

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