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The satisfaction of our students & their parents is our #1 priority!

“I had been playing guitar for many years, but my playing had plateaued. I started taking lessons with POL and my teacher gave me lots of tips and taught me theory on how songs and guitar solos are constructed. This has really helped my playing and I’m having more fun than ever before playing the guitar!”

-N. Patel, guitar student and father of two wonderful piano students!

“The instructors are so skilled at teaching and making the lessons fun!”


“When we switched to virtual lessons I was amazed at how much my son was able to learn - Tim was fantastic!”

-parent, at the peak of covid

"Congratulations on a great recital!!  What a fantastic teacher you are - the kids are so lucky to have you!"

-parent of a 14 year old who started lessons with us at 8!

"One thing that's really special about Play Out Loud is that I have been able to play the music I want to while also understanding how those songs connect to the greater world of music theory.  I was taught concepts such as chord progressions and patterns tyhroughout different styles of music and the art of improvising in various keys, which were completely new concepts to me."

-Aanika, 14, piano and voice student

“The recital yesterday was so much fun!  The kids did great- all the kids!"

-parent of two POL students (and the daughter of our first septuagenarian student!)

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