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Lucas DeLisle - piano & music production, beat-making

Lucas DeLisle (stage name l.ucas) is a Pianist, Producer, Artist, and recent graduate of the Sound Recording program at UMass Lowell. 

With a range of musical interests and influences ranging from Mozart to Mac Miller, Lucas knows that learning music is never linear. Having played his part in cover shows, piano recitals, jazz bands, rap groups, rock bands, and electronic ensembles, his experience has been diverse to say the least. 

After almost 10 years of writing and producing his own music, Lucas works as an engineer at 37’ Productions under Sean McLaughlin, recent winner of the New England Music Awards ‘Producer of the Year’.  Lucas actively plays and tours with the his band Daisybones, delivering a unique brand of heavy, synth-driven pop. He also produces and engineers for JUNTO, a Hip-Hop collective in Boston.

“I think it’s important to learn through interest. Using classical training methods is always a great starting point, but those methods should always be expanded on for each student. Music is an extremely broad field, and there are so many ways to incorporate your learning styles and personality into any type of music you may be working on.”


Lucas brings his Classical piano skills to the Play Out Loud team, but he’s also our first instructor to teach music production and beat-making:

“One thing I have noticed as I meet more producers and beat-makers is that a lot of them lack the sense of melody, phrasing, and harmony that you learn from playing piano. No matter what the critics say, hip hop and electronic styles are just as musical as anything else when the artist is in fact musical. Rhythm is obviously important, but for any sense of musical conflict, resolution, climax, or conversation, it helps so much to have those classical roots.”

Jillian Jensen- Virtual only
voice, songwriting, beginners guitar & piano

Jillian has always shown a strong interest in music and began teaching herself piano at age five. While tinkering on the piano at her mother's workplace the employees would ask "Jillian, where did you learn that?" to which she replied... "I heard it."

By the age of 13, Jillian had already recorded and released her first album of original songs and by age 17, she earned a spot as a lead vocalist in one of the country's top corporate and wedding bands - performing at venues all over the country (with musicians twice her age) a position she's held for nearly a decade. 

If you recognize her voice or face, you may have seen Jillian on Season 2 of The X Factor (Top 24) or Season 13 of American Idol (Top 15 Females). 

Jillian has gone on to release more original songs, and recently started a country band "Amber Eyes" with fellow teacher Bradley Goff. They perform all over New England, most notably opening for Old Dominion at the Bank of NH Pavilion in May of 2019. Their debut album can be found on all streaming and social media platforms.

Jillian believes that music is the one thing that got her through all of the ups and downs that life has thrown her way; and wants to encourage and inspire young individuals with the amazing power of music. Jillian loves allowing her students to indulge in their own learning method and encourages teaching her students songs they know and LOVE as a way to keep them engaged and wanting more. 


Alley Stoetzel - voice & piano

Alley loves singing and music and will sing just about anything including this bio.  Well-versed in styles such as pop, classical, jazz, R&B, and country - this musician loves it all and it shows through her teaching.  Alley graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music and has been teaching both voice and piano for over 14 years.

She loves teaching students of all ages and enjoys connecting with students of every level. “Finding out what my students are interested in musically is my favorite part of teaching. I try to incorporate their tastes with fundamental skills, such as reading, writing, and ear training to provide a well rounded lesson experience.”

Tim Doherty - guitar, bass, piano

Tim is a multi-instrumentalist and composer currently living Newton, MA.

  Tim began a personal study of the guitar at age 12.  Initially drawn to the soulful and expressive sound of blues guitarists, he quickly began to discover a love for numerous styles: the syncopated rhythms of 60's and 70's funk and soul, the compositional expertise of classical composers, and the progressive rock groups that drew influences from all directions.  He later began playing piano, bass guitar, and other instruments including ukulele and tabla.

Tim plays in various local bands spanning many styles, from acoustic music to funk, pop, and hard rock.  Tim also composes his own music for small and larger ensembles.  Whether playing with violinists at weddings, loud guitarists in clubs, or improvising in intimate venues, Tim is thrilled to be living a life full of music.


Tim began studying with Swiss minimalist pianist/composer Nik Bärtsch as his primary form of education and personal development after training with Nik in Zurich, Switzerland in the fall of 2015. The methods used in this very particular type of music have propelled Tim's playing and compositional output, and have given him a more disciplined and focused understanding of how to write, perform and teach music.


As a teacher, Tim strives to bring his own passion and excitement for music to each students life, and to bring patience and a positive attitude to encourage every individual to meet their musical goals.  Whether the student is interested in studying Bach, playing their first guitar solo, or writing their first country song, Tim is ready to turn his amp up to eleven.


Bradley Goff - piano, guitar, bass, voice

Brad discovered his love of music and harmony in the sixth grade when two of his best friends said they were starting a band.  Not knowing what a bass guitar was exactly, he told his father it was something he simply had to try- he began taking music lessons, and the rest is history.  Over the course of the next decade, Brad’s tastes and influences grew exponentially, leading him to develop his musicality and love of harmony on an increasing number of instruments - guitar, voice, and piano.


Brad graduated magna cum laude from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2012 with a Bachelor of Music degree.  While there, his studies ranged from classical singing to jazz piano, from composition to blues guitar, from Ghanaian rhythms to Indian ragas.  It is from this eclectic mix of studies combined with an enduring love for pop and rock music that makes Brad such a versatile and skilled musician and educator.




Brad has been involved in various creative projects and continues to perform and compose. However, since graduating, Brad has discovered another passion - sharing his love of music through teaching. For the past eight years, Brad has taught private voice, piano, guitar, and bass lessons to students ranging from six to sixty years of age. Brad’s greatest joy has been discovering his own voice in music, and he wants nothing more than for his students to experience that same joy.

Brad works with his students and families to design lessons that are best suited to them so that music will be a source of joy, not anxiety. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, Brad encourages students to find their own musical voices; in this way, he hopes to cultivate a love of music that is woven into his students’ lives so that they can share it with the people they love and enjoy it forever.







































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