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We write songs that our students love to practice.


If you're a parent of a young musician or a music teacher yourself, you already know- when it comes to practice, the struggle is real.

You know your student is smart & talented, and they have a great private instructor, but they are often distracted, unmotivated, or unwilling to put in the time at their instrument.  You are not alone.

Some students are oozing with musicality, but they just aren't connecting to the classical and jazz repertoire of yesteryear, and working on modern pop songs feels like setting the bar too low.

We're here to help.  We're building a library of new music designed to captivate students and nurture their musical growth. 

Campbell's Song.JPG

Ready to dive in?

1. Listen to our colorful collection of songs on Spotify or Apple Music.
2. Find your favorites in our sheet music store.
3. Download and view in beautiful color on your iPad or tablet, or print at home!

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