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If you’re anything like our student’s parents, you’ve tried everything - bribery, bargaining, begging… but when the initial excitement of taking music lessons wears off, what was initially designed to be an enhancement to your child’s life has turned into another chore for you...

What if it could be different?


  Imagine your child turning off the video games, putting down their phone, and ignoring their siblings’ taunts… because they want to practice piano. 

​  Play Out Loud was founded on the concept that students learn best when they are passionate about what they are playing. We involve our students in their music choice, while also incorporating note-reading, ear-training, and developing an understanding of chords and scales, all of which are applicable to any genre of music.  


  Through this holistic approach, our students are able to develop a complete understanding of music that goes beyond reading the notes on the page; it grants them the skills to create music of their own, to play with friends and family, and to adapt to various musical settings.


  All of our teachers are professional musicians whose passion for music is contagious. From guitar to piano, voice to drums, beat making & music production (and more!), our musicians will inspire a passion for music that the entire family can enjoy.

  Our goal is for your child to gain confidence, learn about music foundations, experience the joy of mastering an instrument, and HAVE FUN.

  If you’re looking for passionate musicians who have the ability to turn music-loving kids into rockstars, you’ve found the right place!

We have limited space available, so fill out the form below and our team will get in touch!

Our goal is to show our students the joy of music!

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