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Our goal is to show our students the joy of music!

  Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, our teachers take the time to get to know each new student, as well as their unique interests and aptitudes.  We strongly believe in the value of music theory and fundamentals, but it's the excitement our students feel when they're learning their favorite song that keeps them coming back to their instrument to practice and play.

Our knowledgeable and experienced teachers know how to find valuable music lessons in any style of music, whether your student shows an interest in Bach or Taylor Swift.

Even the simplest pop song presents an opportunity to learn about chord progressions, relative major and minor keys, borrowed chords, and song structure.  All of our teachers have extensive experience studying, performing, and teaching various musical styles, which enables them to find the morsels of musicality where they might be unexpected.  The last thing we want our lessons to be is rigid- at Play Out Loud, we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to different learning styles and musical tastes.

Meet the team.

 Jesse is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, a keyboard wiz, and an incredibly kind and patient teacher.  He is the newest addition to the team but his schedule is filling up quickly!

 Tim is known to compose ten-minute long pieces for chamber ensemble after studying with a master musician in Switzerland, but he's not afraid to get his hands dirty and learn a piece of music from Minecraft or Frozen 2 at his students' request!

 Brad knew he wanted to be a musician when his two best friends were starting a band in the sixth grade.  Now with a Bachelor's degree in music and experience touring the country as a music director, he is always happy to meet the next aspiring musician.

We are currently enrolling students for our fall semester.

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